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Did you know that Northern Oklahoma Dermatology owns Complexions Med Spa? The best part – we have experts at each location to help you with all your skincare needs.

Establishing yourself as a dermatology patient as early as possible is essential, so they can teach you how best to care for your skin. Each person is unique, and your concerns, goals, medical history, and more can impact the recommendations. That’s why we feel it’s important to have skin check appointments at least once a year.

Want to know your skin type? (Tip: this can change as we age) Want to know what med spa services your skin can tolerate? Have concerns about what products to try? Is your hair thinning? Brittle nails? Having a dermatologist review your skin, hair, and nails and customize your plan is ideal for maximizing your results and ensuring you are not wasting money on things that won’t work for you.

Nick Mietus, PA-C. and the whole staff feel honored and blessed to practice dermatology and thank God for the opportunity to take care of our patients.




Our providers have decades of combined experience in identifying, treating, and managing any skin-related issues you may have.


Depending on your diagnosis, we have all treatments available, from pharmaceutical interventions to dermatological surgery.


We can accomplish limited surgical procedures on-site for your convenience if surgery is deemed necessary.


We follow up with our patients to verify their progress each step of the way. As a result, our patients receive the highest quality care possible. 

Skin issues? We can help.

We want you to be comfortable in your skin. Northern Oklahoma Dermatology can help with any skin issues from acne, brown spots, dry patches, fine lines, sagging, scars, and more.

What We Offer

Northern Oklahoma Dermatology offers a full range of services for all your skincare needs – from general dermatology to pharmaceutical treatments, minor surgery, cosmetic procedures, and more. We got you covered. To schedule an appointment, call 918-214-8888 or check out more details on our website. 

General Dermatology

Nick Mietus, PA. and Denise Blaylock, M.D. are all highly trained to treat various conditions that affect the skin, hair, and nails. 

Together, Nick Mietus and Dr. Blaylock successfully treat skin cancer and precancerous lesions, benign lesions, hyperpigmentation, eczema, alopecia, psoriasis, boils, cysts, candidiasis, cellulitis, dermatitis, folliculitis, fungal infection, hyperkeratosis, impetigo, keratosis, shingles, skin tags, rosacea, acne as well as many other conditions.

Cosmetic Procedures

Cosmetic dermatology is about enhancing your God-given beauty. Have you ever wanted to smooth out wrinkles, soften crow’s feet, add volume to your lips, lift your neck, or remove unwanted hair? We can do all this and more.

Therefore, the person performing these cosmetic treatments must have the skills, knowledge, and experience. That’s why Northern Oklahoma Dermatology and Complexions Med Spa team works closely together to ensure you get the best results possible.

Kelsey Glazier PA-C, does all the injectables and fillers such as Botox, Juvederm, and Dysport at the Northern Oklahoma Dermatology Clinic at 309 SE Frank Phillips Blvd, Bartlesville, OK 74003.

Treatment + Surgery

Depending on your diagnosis, we have all treatments available, from pharmaceutical interventions to dermatological surgery. In addition, some surgical procedures, such as removing moles, warts, or most skin biopsies, occur on-site for your convenience if surgery is deemed necessary. If it’s something we cannot do, we will refer to someone who we know and trust.

Maintenance and Ongoing Support

We are here to answer your hair, skin, and nail questions. Our goal is to provide complete skin care. That’s why we can address medical issues as well as cosmetic issues. In addition, we offer products and services that support your healthy skin in between appointments.

Our patients are like family. Every team member at Northern Oklahoma Dermatology and Complexions Med Spa feels honored and blessed to be part of your life and skincare journey.

What You’ll Get

We want to give you the best experience possible. Our goal is to give you access to the best skincare experts who love what they do and provide top-notch service. As a result, you will have happier and healthier skin. 

Team of Skin Experts

Nick Mietus, PA. and Denise Blaylock, M.D. have decades of experience treating various skin, hair, and nail conditions.

Understanding Your Skin

We love teaching patients how to care for their unique skin. We listen to concerns and create a plan so you have happier, healthier skin.

Cosmetic Dermatology

Our team is highly skilled in cosmetic procedures. We love helping our patients achieve their desired look with Botox, fillers, and more.

High-Quality Service

Exceeding your expectations is our goal. We count ourselves blessed to serve and support you on your skincare journey.

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